Saturday, June 18, 2011

Droopy's Transport for BHRSC - 6/11/11

Droopy was found as a stray in Chula Vista, CA. He had a collar on with his name, but no owner-contact info. He ended up at the shelter.
This is Droopy leaving the shelter with me, his rescuer. I will help transport him to Basset Hound Rescue of So. California, aka BHRSC.
Droopy is overweight. I helped him into the backseat of my Civic but he made it clear that he is no backseat hound by promptly climbing into the front seat.
He also helped to clean the lid of my coffee cup...good thing I'm not afraid of germs b/c it was still full and I still needed my coffee. :)
Droopy made himself comfortable...on my center console.
And he cooled his jowls on the A/C
Then settled in on my lap for the ride to Aliso Viejo.
After awhile Droopy smelled treats in my bag so he climbed into the back to investigate.
He couldn't believe it when I told him only 1 cookie for now since they needed to last our whole drive.
Droopy: half front seat, half back...
Nevermind, back up front to enjoy the scenery.
In Aliso Viejo I passed Droopy off to Paul, another one of Droopy's rescuers. Paul got Droopy safely to Newport Beach, his rescue destination where he was seen by a vet and estimated to be 7 years old. He has started a diet and will soon be neutered. Please contact BHRSC if you are interested in fostering or adopting Droopy.

SD Basset Hound Rescue Picnic - June 4, 2011

Cowboy lives for other dogs. As you can see he is quite excited to be at the picnic!

Humans and hounds milling about...

This is Gunnar. We've known him almost 5 years.
He was the 1st "other basset" Cowboy ever met in San Diego.

Cow and Ru, tongues flyin!
And then there was this Cowboy, ready for the costume contest.

Rupert being Rupert...

This little babe is Linus, he is 6 mos old and absolutely adorable!
And then the sweet brothers, asleep head-to-head after a long day of play.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rupert turns 5

Today is Rupert's 3rd Gotcha Day - the day we "gotcha". When we adopted him they said he was around 2 years old so today we consider him to be turning 5.
We are hoping to take him and Cow on a special outing today - either a good long hike or a fun beach romp. Looks like that also means that today is bath day. Hehehe. Doubt he'll like that part of his day.
Happy Bday Ruey!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cowboy is 4!

Here is Cowboy back on his 1st birthday,

And here he is today, a handsome little 4 year old.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Back to Blogging

I know, I know. I've said it before but my life is full of change right now so why not change my blogging habits too?
On March 5th my first nephew, Dallas Edward Peterson, decided to finally grace us with his presence, nearly 2 weeks overdue! Here is the cutie's newborn pic... my what big eyes you have...
Shortly before the birth of little D, or Doodle as we've come to call him (he was born on Nat'l Cheese Doodle Day. I know, don't get me started, that is another blog post in and of itself), I found out that I was losing my job with the Ethics Commission. Due to inadequate budget funds, also known as financial mismanagement, the City was no longer able to fund my position. Ironically, there were a bunch of vacant positions throughout the City that were "budgeted for" but not filled. Why they couldn't eliminate a vacancy to pay for my position I will never understand, but nevertheless I was given the opportunity to interview for other vacancies throughout the City. After 15 interviews over 4 days (Phew!) I accepted a position as an administrative analyst for the Internal Controls Division of the Water Dept. It was a a significant paycut, but to make it sound nice they called it a demotion in lieu of layoff. Call it what you want, I call it less money for the same amount of work. However, I do like the job and I like the people I work with and I like working closer to home so that I can come home on my lunch. Plus, they were kind enough to let me take a week off after only being there a week, to go see Doodle. Can't complain with an employer like that.
So I caught a flight up North to see my sis, BIL and new nephew. Luckily I was also able to see my parents and of course, my original nephew and niece too...
Toby & Lola!
Nikki and Dallas were still in the hospital for the 1st few days of my trip, so along with daily visits to the hospital, I tried to help out with the dogs, the house and various errands that needed done. Once they came home from the 'spital we were able to relax more and just enjoy the new little man in the center of our lives.
After a week up North it was time to come back to reality and sure enough it hit me square in the face after only being home for a couple of weeks. Cowboy, our tri-color hound dog, came down with an awful stomach issue that was causing him severe pain. He quivered in pain the whole first night. Several times he dug graves in the backyard and attempted to lie down in them, as if trying to die. It scared us pretty bad, so of course, off to the vet we went. Subcutaneous fluids, a bland diet and nine-hundred-dollars later, our boy was getting back to normal but we never did discover the cause of his discomfort. He is now on a strict dog-food-ONLY diet so that we can hopefully prevent any further gastrointestinal flare-ups.
Here he is post-recovery, with his brother Rupert, sweetly snuggled up in the electric throw blanket.
The best part about April (beside being the month that my mom, boyfriend and best friend were born) is that it is the start of baseball season, Giants Baseball Season to be precise. And from the looks of it, Dallas is going to fit right in with our family.
Currently we are planning a birthday bash for James and our good buddy Gonzo who were born a day apart. So to get ready we are crossing off to-do lists left and right. This includes getting the backyard and horseshoe pit cleaned up, cleaning and organizing the house and finishing little projects that have been hanging around unfinished for months, some even years. It feels good to be making positive changes, kind of like a deep down spring cleaning. So to top off the lifestyle changes, we are also getting back into (can I say "back into" when it's been a very loooooong time since I was even kind of into?) shape. I started my work out routine last Saturday and have been good about staying on it but it hasn't included any cardio so tonight I began a running program, that after 8 weeks should have me capable of running 3+ miles (30 minutes) straight. Yay, so excited to be fit for summer.
And so, with all that change, I am inspired to also get back to blogging.....again. I have a lot to say, so I might as well start saying it.

xoxo, Kacy

Friday, February 5, 2010

Rupert's Valentine Poem

I’ve lived on the streets and rummaged for food;
and when I arrived here I was kind of rude.

I peed on your floor and chewed up your shoes;
I slobbered on your couch and flung drool from my flews.

I swallowed a plug, that plugged me right up;
but you paid two grand to save this old pup.

When I need love, you rub my belly;
You wash me up when I am smelly.

When I am sad, you pat my head;
And when I’m tired, you let me hog your bed.

You take me on walks, even when your feet ache;
and you feed me sweet, yummy treats that you bake.

You treat me like a son, even though I treat you like my slave;
you vow to love me although I misbehave.

So mommy, er valentine, this day I declare;
that I love you more with each breath of fresh air.

I’d trade you for nothing, not a cent or a bone;
I’ll love you forever, til the day that I’m gone.

Friday, January 29, 2010

long time, no blog - happy 2010

ok ok, i know i am a little late, but boy has time flown by since my last posting. in late december, james' dad moved out and we are finally able to celebrate living together alone...except for our buddy who rents a room from us. he doesnt really count anyway since he's a friend so its basically just like having a friend over. all. the. time. lol.

in january my computer died. thank goodness many of my favorite pics were saved on this here blog. yay for technology! i am now learning to navigate on my awesome new mac, courtesy of a great deal from my fave sis and her hubbers. i love family discounts.

for now i am just doing a quick update, but am hopeful that i can find the time to revamp the blog in the next few weeks and get back to regularly posting.
xoxox, kacyg